Friday, June 18, 2010

Still malang =.=
Woke up 1 minute before alarm ring today. GAHHHHH!!~
Wasted one minute of sleep =(
Reached college, eye lash went inside my eye =.=
Damn pain!
Then got lost, don't know where's our tutorial class =.=
After class, went for brunch =D
Then went library to discuss IA assignment.
Blahh~ More homework to do.
Okay, I'm still blur like last time.
Do wrong question 2biii but I go erase the whole answer or 2biv =.=
End up need to do 2 answer again. Gahh!!~
Then stole ate NS1's food xD
He brought man tao with bacon, end up we help him eat everything =x
Then went to another tutorial class. Same subject =.=
Cause had replacement class in the morning.
We were scared by some stupid man =.=
Actually it was a loud noise xD
Anyway, after that we went back by LRT.
Today 5 people go back together =D
Kinda fun.
But tiring.
Cause time of travel = 1 hour and 45 minutes T.T
Super tiring.
Now I need to complete my freaking annoying never-ending homeworks.
Headache since yesterday.
Why is this happening to me?

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