Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh so malang week x_X

Started off yesterday.
I got on the wrong LRT and ended up in Maluri.
Luckily my mum was not working. I took U40 to outside PGA Camp and asked her to fetch me.

And then today, reached Wangsa Maju Lrt, went and bought that small purse and saw 2 TARC bus and Rapid bus =.=
Then took the wrong Rapid bus. For some reason, Rapid bus is not going to TARC, it was going to KL.
Quickly got down the bus and walked back to the bus stop, just in time to catch a TARC bus.
Crappy days.

Anyways, tomorrow is my first test =D
Hopefully I'll be lucky in it ^^
Studied for half an hour dy =x
Should be enough.
Since it's only 2 chapters.
Whole day again tomorrow in college.
Gahh, I wanna go swimming, but I don't have the time =(

I also wanna go shopping.
But, no time and no kaching. Sigh.

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