Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bye January.

So, 2013 started off very well as it was a whole month of sem break for me :)
And now it is ending, so is my sem break :(
I actually decided not to work part time this sem break because I figured out, I wanna just chillax at home before the real hell and no holiday times arrive.
Yes, no holiday!
Because there will not be anymore sem break until December arrives, I think.
Will be starting my new semester on 4th February until end of May and then will start internship from June till July and immediately start the new semester until December.
So, it is gonna be a very very long and tiring and maybe stressful days ahead, or shall I say year.
I know it won't be easy but I've got my mindset set that I shall be hardworking and not let any other matters distract me from being a very successful person in succeeding :)
For now, my vision is to ensure that I pass my Advance Diploma and ACCA.
Others can wait.

But of course I need some(very little amount) of entertainment, jokes, hanging out, catching up with friends, gossiping? and maybe yamcha session? :D
On the other hand, my hardwork shall include swimming and going to the gym :)
I don't wanna just be a nerd, I wanna be a healthy, fit and hot nerd. HAHAHA.

Well, as said, I didn't work at all this sem break.
All I did was just sit at home, watch old movies and A LOT of English series drama like Bones, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and of course Gossip Girls which ended already :(
Other than that, I did managed to hang out with secondary school friends to catch up and shopping! :)
Taught the dog a few other tricks.
And started bringing her upstairs!
She is super afraid of going down the stairs.
I have no idea why.
Even putting treats on each steps could not help her overcome her fear. LOL.
 There were treats on almost every step but she still doesn't wanna come down.

Okay, the previous AEON member's day in AEON Wangsa Maju, I bought Revlon hair dye.
The colour is burgundy.
Have not tried it out yet.
Most probably will be doing the dye by this week :)
Am really eager to try it out because it would be my first.
Hair condition would definitely deteriorate but heck, I wanna try!!
My hair is growing! :)
By the end of the year, it might actually reach my waist.
Well, hopefully :)
Was trying to snap the colour and length of my hair but unintentionally snapped a tiny moustache at the back of my tee!
So cute!
And there is no moustache there actually.

Ahhh, 3 more days till college reopens!


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