Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Typical Malaysian title :D
I would choose to embrace Minglish (Malaysian English) instead of eliminating it :)

Anyway, recently, the word "Listen" is so freaking famous!
It has been one week this is happening.
Well, guess what?
It is time for us (students) to stand up for our rights.
But, in the right way of course.

And adults are suppose to listen before they give answers or even try to avoid answering.
Respect are meant to be earned and not telling people that they should respect you.
Grabbing other people's mic is very RUDE.
If you wanna be a speaker, speak relevantly.

I guess everyone in Malaysia (unless those under the tempurung) knows very well what I am talking about :)

Anyway, listen to this too.

Listen listen listen.
You tak listen you rugi.


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