Monday, January 07, 2013

The first step!

Okay, I am 21 this year and finally gonna get my driving license.
Yes, I know I am kinda very slow :\
Well, I didn't see the need and necessity in taking the license back then.

So, anyway, what we actually learn during the first lesson on the law? (Undang-undang)
Went to the lesson yesterday morning.
Woke up at 5.30am to get ready!
And the worse thing was that that night, there was a mini rat in my room and it kept me up the whole night!
So at 5.30am, I was basically like a zombie.
I thought I can stand the sleepiness.
So at 6.20am, I went over to the agent's house.
We took off and went to Yu Lek to pick up another few people and off we go to Bangi.
We reached Bangi, the place where the lesson is held at around 7.30am.
Gosh, the lesson starts at 9am you know!
When we reached, the door is not even open yet. So we just stood at the door and waited for the workers till like 8am.
So after the doors were opened, we went in the classroom and took our seat.
And when we walked in, there was a cat walking in with us =.=
And so I took my seat right in the middle of the class.
Not too front, not too back and not too side :)
Like I like it to be especially in the cinema :)
So, the classroom was filled with chairdesks like this.
So, after I took my seat, the cat came close to me and walked past me.
And then it jumped on the chairdesk right behind me.
And it was smelling my back =.=
And then it started coming over to my chairdesk!
It climbed from the back and I bend forward and it ended up sitting right behind my butt!
DUDEEEE, this seat is taken!
So I had to carry the cat and put it away =.=
I don't wanna share my seat with a cat in Undang class okay.

Okay. Then our names were being called one by one to scan our thumbprint and get our own e-driving card!
Must be something new cause the last time when my brother took his driving license, he didn't have one :\
Then we had attire check and all.
Class started at 9.20am.
The so called "Cikgu" was funny. He was joking all the way but I was too sleepy to laugh or pay attention.
Dozed off a couple of times :\
Had a break at 11.30am.
The canteen sucks!
When it was my turn to take rice, there were nothing left.
As in no dishes anymore :(
Only left egg with yellow curry.
And that costed me RM2 =.=

Anyway, the good thing about having programmes with the Muslims is that we get a lot of break! :x
Cause they need to pray like 5 times a day right.
So at 1.30pm, we had another break :D
And the class like finally ended at 3pm!
But I only reached home at like 4.45pm?

Still thinking when to take the Undang test.

Well, at least ONE productive thing to do during the sembreak right? :)

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