Friday, January 11, 2013

Step 2: Done!

Step 2 is of course Undang test! :D
And yes, I passed! :)

Yesterday I called up the agent and wanted to take the test on Sunday but she told me no one can send me to the test place on weekends.
So I say, okay, what about next Wednesday?
She say no one can also.
So she suggested to take the test on Friday.
I was like, "WHAT? Tomorrow is Friday. I haven't even study!".
Then she said, "Just read through and sure can pass".

So after the phone call, I spent almost the whole day doing the Undang book which consists of 500 questions which I doubt some of the answers given are even correct =.=
They have 2 almost similar questions but with different answer.
So anyway, by night time I got bored of it already.

And on top of that, I haven't touch or read books that are in Bahasa Melayu for like quite some time already.
I couldn't even differentiate the meaning of selekoh, simpang, liku and lencongan.
Aren't they like the same? 0.o

I couldn't sleep well last night.
Don't know due to pressure or what sort of reason.
Was super early today.
Reached there and waited for the door to open.
And I am NUMBER 3! :)
But because the computer hang while registration was going on.
The test was delayed till like 9+ =.=
After I came out from the examination room, the room felt a little pack.
No, not a little. Is very very very extremely pack!
Most of us had to stand in a line along corridors leading to the toilet.
Gosh, and some need to wait outside.
And the tension was kinda creepy cause I can feel everyone in the room so stressed out about the test @.@
Thank goodness students from my driving institution was the first 3.
So after, we're done, we can go back.

Anyway, watched The Roommate yesterday.
Why did I watch a horror/thriller movie at home?
Because my brother was home too :P
Ahhhh, Blair! :)
But here she was evil!
Mean as usual too, so doesn't matter :D
She is so pretty!


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