Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 days before Christmas!

6 more days till Christmas!
Excited giler!
So, let's update dulu =)
So, basically I went to camp on Thursday.
It was fun helping out in the kitchen =)
We had a very good chef with good food =D
Overall, I think it was okay~
Could only managed to remember all the girls' camp name.
Not the guys @.@

Before I left for camp, dad brought back a doughnut and gave it to me.
Ain't it cute? ^^
But then it became like THIS! *Points below
Muahaha! Felt like a killer xD
Anyway, after camp, CM and I had a one day travel back to KL from PD.
I felt so weird because I don't even know where Seremban is and how it looks like!
Jian just left us at PD bus terminal.
Then we had to figure out which bus we were suppose to take to Seremban, which we weren't even sure where the bus station or the KTM station is.
And we even peacefully slept in the bus =x
I heard CM said we take turns to sleep but ended up sleeping all the way to Seremban xD
This is CityLiner xD
On the way to Seremban.
If you can't see, this is Restoran Tanjong GEMOK! xD
We reached the KTM station and decided to get off the bus last minute xD
We are great travellers =x
Reached there around 3.30pm.
And coincidently the KTM arrives at 3.30pm.
We bought ticket but we got confused.
We didn't know which train we should take.
And we didn't even go through the entrance =x
We just walked through the gate xD
We took KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan. That took us an hour =)
We saw a guy that sleeps with his eyes open =.=
And a guy that wore so nicely and with slippers! =.= WTH.
So ironic larhhhh. Nice baju, nice pants, nice sunglasses, but with slippers =.=
Then CM's mum fetched us home =)

Today had to wake up early to go to college.
Had co-cu day! =)
I didn't get the chance to enter the water =(
Cause I'm a girl =.=
Suckish day!
I was waiting for this day, sigh.
I became a helper instead.
So, we took photo.
Us, Tuesday evening girls =)
From left, Ah Tong, Li Xing, Me and Mei Zuan ^^
That's all for now! =)

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ken said...

the snowman doughnut is cute :)