Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jumbled and simplified.

I'll make everything simple.
22nd December.
Tong Yuen day.
Went to Wai Sing's house with many classmates and did tong yuen and lunch.
Let the pictures do the talking.
24th December.
Went out with him!!
Sushi Zanmai!
Spot the fat cat =.=
Night went to church.
25th December.
Merry Christmas!
Went to Malacca.
Stopped at Seremban to eat Yong Tau Fu.
Random shop.
Walked along Jonker Street.
Then to A Famosa.
Saw this.
He was breathing heavily and blinking =.=
Finally, went back to Jonker Street and visited this stall.
Bought 3 drinks.
Soursop, Yogurt Kiwi and Yogurt Mango.

I know this is very short.
I am super lazy.

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