Thursday, December 30, 2010

O-sum Day!

Morning was kind of tragic =x
Today we had another date =)
All that was planned was to sing k.
And the rest was unplanned.
So we started off with singing k in Neway.
RM11.30 per person.
Then went to Leisure Mall and bought tickets to Gulliver's Travel.
Rm6 each.
While waiting, we went to the arcade =)
Then went for movie.
After that we decided to get some of these...
Tahu apa tu?
Tadaaa! =D
I enjoyed today very much!
We managed to get more than 100 tickets just by using RM5+.

When I reached home, I went and search for my last time tickets.
It all totaled up to around 260+ xD
And while searching for the tickets, I found 2 of my diaries =.=
Like wth =.=
I love to write diaries when I was in Form 1 and 2.
And I found many quotes in my diaries.
Let's list them out =)

1. Sick of crying. Tired of trying. Yeah, I'm smiling but inside I'm dying.
2. Why is it that the only person that can make you smile is the same person that made you cry?
3. I want to be remembered as the girl who always SMILED. Even when her heart is broken..And the one who could always brighten up a day even when she couldn't even brighten up her own.
4. I LOVE sleep. My life has a tendency of falling apart when I'm awake.
5. The cracks in the concrete wall are a reminder that no matter how strong you are, you will always break.
6. Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. But you can never have a rainbow without a little rain.
7. The whole point of having friends is so that you never suffer alone. The world sucks and we all know it. So what do we do? We let it suck, but we try and make the best of it by being with each other.
8. Those who say they care really don't. Because those who do don't need words to justify their actions.

Those are the ones that are nice. There are many more but doesn't sound nice =|

It was so funny when I read back my Form 1 diary.
My brain was so childish that time!
I even said that I had a bad day when my bread fell into the drain =.=
Brig and I even listed down the couples in school.
And we even commented on why are they together xD
Let's just recall.
*This is just for fun, no offends to anyone. In Italic are the comments we gave.
Angela - Anson So padat ( I think it was suppose to be written as padan @.@ )
Briggita - timothy Julien Single, no need, it's so disgusting
Farah - banyak
Felicia - Some cancelled name
Karnesh - his stupid pillow
Mak Chee Ming - Lim Hui Jun so stubborn don't want to give up
Manarina - Richard ye ke, ingat Ali Omar tu!
Pavithira - Linggish wat, she has feelings
Sree Ganesh - Angela eh, her name up there also, wow so many peminat.....
Hanafi - Holida ok, I dowana no
Irfanah - Zaki sweet...
Syfiqah - Izzat(this is written in purple) why is it in purple? because manarina wrote it

Then of course there were lotsa fights =.=
Between Brigs and Pavi =.=
Me and Irfanah =.=
Those are memories xD
Will update about them soon =)

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waalllaa! said...

is that the fireworks?? hehe...must be for the new year eve right?