Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas week!

This is Christmas week!
It is getting nearer and nearer!
So, on Monday, I went to Mahkota Cheras Jusco with him.
We were just spending time there.
I thought he was suppose to go to Singapore on Tuesday =.=
But he didn't go.
So anyway, we went there and played at the arcade xD
It was my first time playing car racing in arcade.
Then there were 2 kids playing the drum thingy.
They suddenly ran off =.=
Still had 2 credits!
So we continued =x
Seriously amazing!
Free game!
We also played basketball and he played motorcycle racing cause mine didn't work =.=
Then we played spot the difference!
So called teen-spot-the-difference!
And the result!!~~
Number 2!
Number 2 and 3.
I was a little bit frustrated about it =(
Okay, not a little bit, is a lot.
Cause everytime we complete a picture super fast, the next picture would be so tough =(
But, I really enjoyed spending an hour there! ^^
Thanks bao bei!

On Tuesday.
Went college early in the morning.
Had IOM lecture.
Lecturer got angry cause we weren't cooperative =x
Then we ate breakfast and decided to take a little tour to college hall where the A Cut Above Charity was held =)
We went in, walked around, took our number for cutting hair and went out =x
We planned to take our number, go for class and come back (which surely we will miss our number but that's the whole plan and just get our turn without waiting =x).
We are pure evil geniuses!! MUAHAHAHA!
Mum said we were just being kiasu =( (Hokkien word which means scared of losing)
Before leaving the hall, we played Mono-opportunity!
This is our class smarty-pants, Miss Yee Tong with her penalty! xD
Them, from my view =)
Anyway, I won =)
I got 3 prizes =x
One for getting a FATE during the game, one for participating and one more for winning xD
Then we went in AGAIN cause 988 came xD
This is the huge scissors on stage!
Owh yea, my English result sucks =.=
FOA okay I guess.
78/100. Teacher expected me to get higher =(

After class we went and cut our hair.
My hair is not perfect! =(
But it is okay.
As expected, mum said I wasted money =.=
Oh yeah!
Today I went Christmas shopping with my one and only! =P
It was superb!
I had lotsa fun!
The presents were affordable and I managed to get presents for my family! =)

Christmas week is full of fun!
Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Winter Solstice Festival with my college friends.
Will be doing it in Wai Sing's house.
Hope to have fun!

Merry 4 Days Before Christmas! =)

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