Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days After SPM!

Quite fun I can say.
Pretty free from stress and also worries =)
So basically my days are filled with outings and friends =)
To be exact, guy friends.
Somehow all my girl friends disappeared minding their own business @.@
Anyway, my first time attending Senior Training Camp a.k.a Drill Camp 09 =.=
Collected a few pictures from there =)
In the sacrificial other phone, lazy to upload.
Next time bah.
First day we stayed in church.
Learnt basic camping.
A FEW knots.
And learnt to cook =)
Team mates were bk, nic and josh leng lui xD
A group filled with so dependent babies xD
Slept in army tent for the first time.
Had a difficult time trying to fall asleep and failed!
2nd day we went to KL for amazing race.
Went to KTM museum, Planetarium, Taman Hibiscus, Taman Orkid, Muzium Polis and FANTASY PARK a.k.a Dinosaur Land =x
We saw damn many different colours of hibiscus.
Saw different type of weapons.
And played different type of park games @.@ call what, I don't know.
Moving on, we missed the boat riding and the chance to count the number of deers in Taman Rusa x_X
Lastly, we went to Tugu Negara.
Didn't know it was so damn HUGE!
After reaching church, legs ached like hell. Seriously.
That night ALL girls slept in classroom =)
3rd day, off to Sungai Congkak =D
Legs were still aching, so we were the last group to walk.
It's okay =)
Basically, the rain accompanied us the whole time in Congkak x_X
We bathed in the rain, cooked in the rain, sang in the rain and even slept in the rain x_X
Guess what?
We sang songs for one hour xD
And played mafia for more than an hour IN SENIOR TRAINING CAMP xD
How fun is that?! xD
4th day, back to base.
Again in the rain..zzz
The whole schedule were pushed forward and everything was in a rush.
Had drill competition.
Say hello to our 2 new commanders : L/Cpl Melvin Lim and Pte Daniel Tam =)
After that everyone dismissed and went back home.
That's all for camp this year =)

On 20th.
Went to Midvalley with Cm, Tk, Mel, Jm and Kah Hoe =)
Konon go education fair =x
Konon watch Avatar. Tiket pun takde.
So we just walked around and waste our time xD
21st, went to cm's house with Mel.
Played ps2 and watch Mel play dota @.@
AND AND AND Blacky a.k.a cm's new puppy licked me xD
22nd, wake in the morning, bejeweled a while, bathe and off to UTAR HQ in PJ x_X
Without breakfast to be exact.
After being consulted by a chinese educated girl name Hazel which is not fluent in English about Actuarial Science and Accounting in UTAR, dad and I went to Brickfields Asia College in Brickfields, DUH~
Consulted by one of my small time friend, Vanessa @.@
Didn't expect to see her there though.
She consulted us on Law x_X
A level one year.
Continued by a 2+1 course.
2 years in Malaysia and one year in UK x_X
Suddenly je LAW @.@
After that dad sent me to LM.
Went and find Mel =)
Then went to Jusco for Avatar xD
That's all so far.
Free from WORRIES and STRESS =)

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