Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sometimes life is just a funny thing.
People come and go.
Feelings rise and fade away.
But I'm pretty sure that this feeling for you will always stay =)
It's already 10.47 in the morning and you're still sleeping.

I still can't believe SPM is officially over x_X
I guess I'm a little se-low.
Just sitting and lazing around, thinking of my f.u.t.u.r.e @.@
It's somehow blurred.
No image, no picture.
When you walk on a road with no sight in front, what do you do?
The best way, just keep walking until you see something xD
Let's just keep on pacing through then.
Maybe in a few days I'll see something.
I can't wait, I repeat, can't wait for Christmas.
Cause, we'll be having family gathering =x
Though this year I will not be getting any presents =)
I'm still freaking excited bout Christmas.
I wanna drink mushroom soup with my beloved family ^^
Eventhough there's no Christmas tree this year but we'll still be celebrating Jesus' birthday.
Will we buy a cake again? Hehe...
So, there weren't any present hunting this year x_X
Relatives not coming down to KL, I guess @.@
No news from them till now =(
Usually after Christmas, all of us will be getting ourselves ready for school.
But now, there's no more school =(
So, what are we all getting ready for?
No idea.
Just have fun then =)

Miss your touch beri beri muchie =x

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