Monday, December 14, 2009


Kay, yesterday went Genting with CM.
Shop like crazy, but thank God had sale =)
Kinda cold up there.
And kabus kinda thick @.@
Nothing much I guess.
Thanks to his parents for paying for my foodsssss... @.@

Today went LM with B, F and M =)
None other than Brigs, Francesca and Mabel ^^
Got cut early morning, don't know how it happened though @.@
Watched Santau.
Too many things happened in the cinema.
The cinema was like, EMPTY xD
That's the fun part.
Before entering, my emotion was...Excited yet scared xD
Every scary scene I keep closing my eyes with my hands.
But after getting to know that the ghost was 2 old women I didn't wanna close my eyes anymore.
Cause old women are sweet =x
Anyway, the man sitting in front of us basically watched the movie more than 3 times according to Fracesca, before the funny scene happens, he was already laughing... =.=
Nice screwed up Malaysian horror movie xD
After that we went to Vietnam Kitchen 0.o correct?
Kay, there, they 3 stalked on guys in Fitness First =.=
Then mabel read salah the menu..
It wrote Eggplant, she go read ELEPHANT =.=''
Then they had a dish called payaya @.@
But brigs go read it as papaya xD
Ok, we think that's typo. Seriously.
And I said that in Malaysia betik is called papaya, but when you bring it to Vietnam, it becomes payaya xD
After that Mabel invited one of her friends to sit with us. His name was Yoon Ho @.@
After that jalan-jalan.
Back home at 6.45pm =)
The Sims 3 dvd not working. Sigh.

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