Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm damn lazy to complete the experiment report.
Let the conclusion be a secret then =)
I have always wanted a PS1, 2 and 3 @.@
Played PS1 before.
I was a kid that time.
Played bomberman. Still remember =)
In Penang, with all my other cuzzies =)
We multiplayer-ed 5 people xD
Damn fun!
After that I have always told dad I wanted one just like that! *points at cousin gor's PS1
Too bad it never came true =(
The next time I played PS was at tk's house.
That's my 2nd time touching a PS controller =)
Thanks tk for letting me play xD
Eventhough your grandma scold =x
The 3rd time was still in tk's house.
We played that don't know what fighting game @.@
It was ok-but-not-very-fun @.@
All these years of wanting PS-es never came true.
Now I can't even imagine what PS3, wii-fi or any other electronic games look like @.@
What to do..orang miskin.
Orang miskin memang tak patut minta lebih-lebih.
Aku cukup gembira sekadar cukup makan setiap pagi, tengah hari dan malam =)
The first time I saw Francesca's phone, I was like "WOW!!".
It does not matter if none of my clothes cost more than RM20.
It's okay to own a closet filled with mostly clothes passed down from elder cousins =)
It's okay if it is all outdated =)
I'm super happy to own a shoe worth more than Rm30 =)
Keeping it like gold ^^
It will only leave my room for special events.
Whatever I'm having came from my parents who came from God ^^
I'm just thankful that I have everything I need and not anything more.
This computer is already something extra for me.
Even my phone, it is something to be thankful for..
I don't wish for plenty of wealth in the future,
I wish for happiness and health.

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