Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Change for the better.
Life is not about fun and games.
Now that we're heading to adulthood, it's time for us to make our own decisions in everything, not depending on anyone, thinking positively and making our right choices.
Thanks for the idea.
Now I know I'm finally growing up.
Knowing that I cannot count on anyone anymore.
Although it's hard, real hard.
Which sea do not have waves, which part of the earth do not experience downpour of the rain.
So as me, okay, maybe as human, I'm guessing I'm nothing different compared to other people, have to face these challenges.

Well, hopefully ya'll will still recognize me as Felicia when..
I start to..
Make decisions myself.
Decide on what to eat and drink when we visit the restaurant.
Be an anti-spicy food person.
Always thinking positive and never negative.
Being able to cross the road myself.
Never ask anyone for help.
Never to cry myself to sleep.
Never complain about anything.
Just live life like there's no tomorrow.

Hmm, now, it's all the opposite of me, right?
Yea..everything of the opposite of the stated statements are my favourite and I'm famous for those.
So now, I'm gonna be humble and remove my fame.
No more "I dunno!! T.T"
No more "Anything larh"
No more "Eh help me order eh! I scared!"
No more "Help me do this, help me do that"

So long, my old me.
Hello, someone called felicia kok jing ping.
So what if I become a new person, it's for the better.

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