Saturday, October 18, 2014

Plan B.

I am currently living in plan B.

Plan A was initially to not flunk ACCA and get my ass stuck in Birmingham.
But since plan A failed, I'm living in plan B, which is start working, earn moolah and basically survive.

It is not difficult to make an earning but the opportunity cost of earning money by getting a full time job is very high.
You basically sacrifice your time, energy and relationships.
But well, there is always pros and cons in everything.

The pros about having a full time job is the part where you get to know MORE people :)
And the part where you can finally afford to buy stuffs using your hard earned money instead of asking from your parents :D
I might not have figured out a method of saving yet but yeah, I will some time soon.

Honestly, I have been spending quite a bit on food.
Daily food are okay but weekends are like Tsunami.
They drown everything.

I actually told my mum that every Saturday dinner will be on me.
& from the first week I got my pay, it has been really expensive food :\
I love bringing my family to restaurants which I like.
And somehow all the restaurants that I fancy are expensive :\
Most of them are Japanese and Korean restaurants.
So, basically I am a big spender.
I know and I admit.
So yeah, hopefully I will be able to earn sufficient money to support my lifestyle.

I have this so-called daily vitamin.
Not something edible but something viewable :D
Somehow everyday I will look up on quotes on Pinterest.
I live on life quotes.
Let me share some...

I need it the most nowadays.
 I live by this rule.
The one reason why sometimes I take damn long to study something.
I make sure I am able to explain it simply to myself and make sure that I understand from that simplified simply explanation.
Nope. It's just my rules of learning.
 It is always quotes like this that makes me feel better.
Sometimes I feel that I do not have ample time to entertain my friends.
They somehow grow further and some probably disappear.
I tell myself, it is okay.
If they remember, welcome them back with open arms.
If they don't, let them go.

Bring on the storms and the rain.
I'm ready babeh!
I'm the pilot of my life.

So yeah, my daily vitamin :)

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