Saturday, January 02, 2016

Bi-annual Update

Hello 2016.

It has been 6 months since my last post.
A lot has happened during the duration of 6 months, i.e. I got a new car which is not so new anymore since it has been 6 months already (lol), I got selected by PR1MA to buy a house which is still ongoing cause the loan application is so troublesome, etc.

So yeah, recap of 2015.

One year of work experience.
Expecting something tougher and more challenging in the coming year.
Bring it on cause the good thing is that I still do not have any other priorities to focus on other than work and oh ya, studies.
Seriously this study shyt is getting frustrating.
But I can't stop what I have started.
I have to complete it eventhough it is seriously a pain in the arse.

And then there are money commitments which makes me more committed to working cause now I have no choice but to earn money to pay the bills.
Car and house and some other commitments.
Seriously fml.
But it's okay, it's all part of growing up and taking up responsibilities.

One year really came and went by really fast.
The one word I would use to describe my 2015 would be "NEW".
I got a new job, new friends, new challenges, new environments.
Everything was very new to me.
There were times when I broke down during the year cause I was unable to adapt to the new environment but I didn't give up.
Mistakes just kept pouring and deadlines were never ending.
But I was lucky to have good people around me whom guided me and helped me pull through all the difficult times.

What I hope for in 2016.
Okay, this is ironic.
I am actually kinda moving towards an anti-social life now but I wanna make more friends. LOL.
But of course, I wanna maintain the close friends that I have currently.
And then, make more money, duh.
Gain more experience.
Travel overseas, like for the first time ever.
More me-time (do not judge).
Just be happy.
Be content and happy.
Life ain't that bad right?
Let bygones be bygones.

Happy New Year everyone!

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