Saturday, December 13, 2014


Nowadays my sleeping routine has been quite consistent.
I get on bed by 11pm or earlier and fall asleep very fast.
Must be because of waking up early and staring at the computer screen the whole day.
Mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day that I rarely get insomnia anymore.
Well, that's a good thing :)

But the weird thing here is....
After I fall asleep, I am unconscious about what I do.
Like, if someone were to call me and if I pick up the call.
I can guarantee you that I am speaking unconsciously.
The next day I won't even remember you called me until I see my phone.
And obviously I won't remember what I said to you.
Messages are worst!
If I receive a message after 11pm, if you are lucky, I probably have not read your message and will see the notifications in the morning.
Or if you are unlucky, I would probably have read it unconsciously, worse if I replied unconsciously and wouldn't even know anything about it in the morning.

This happened several times already :\
Even today morning also the same.
I don't see any notifications in the morning at all from whatsapp cause I probably read those messages unconsciously last night -.-
I only realised there were new messages or a.k.a unread but read unconsciously messages when I opened my whatsapp to message people.

And recently I have been so obsessed with going to work that I have no other thoughts in mind.
I wake up, go to work, until like 7-ish, come back, bathe, eat, watch some variety shows using my phone and then sleep.
The same routine repeats everyday.
My social life is like 0.
It's okay, at least I am socializing in office :)

Left Monday and Tuesday serving in my current firm.
Seriously damn eh seh dak to leave.
The people I have met so far has been so awesome.
Eventhough it has been pretty busy recently.

Busy until I missed 12.12 sales online -.-
Busy until I don't even have time to manage my 8share earnings.
Busy until I don't even have time to log on to Facebook -.-

But still grateful :)

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Anonymous said...

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