Friday, May 24, 2013

Take one step at a time.

"Take one step at a time. 
There's no need to rush.
It's like learning to fly, or falling in love."

Internship is AWESOME! :)

Finally have one day holiday to blog about the one week I went through.

Well, the first day was pretty much orientation day.
We had activities like introductions, group activities, office tours, etc.
On the second day, we were assigned to our respective client and audit team.

So I had to travel all the way to Wisma Akademi which I had no idea where it is and how in the world does the building even look like.
I was told to take the LRT to Asia Jaya and take the bus from there.
So, okay.
Reached Asia Jaya and the particular bus doesn't go there.
So the bus driver told me to go to the bus stop at the highway to take another bus to the place.
So, I hopped on to the bus told.
And this happened..
Me: Bang, bas ni ada pergi 3 2 square?
Driver: Errr, takde takde.
Me: Dekat dekat sana ada?
Driver: Err, kejap eh, saya fikir..........(still fikir-ing)....Oh, ada ada. Tiga dua, tiga dua.
(I thought he ask me to hop on the U32 bus =.= So I wanted to get off the bus)
Driver: Eh eh, pergi mana? Ada lah!
Me: Bas ni ADA pergi 3 2 square?
Driver: Ya ya.
Me: Okay, saya berdiri di sini, bila sampai awak suruh saya turun ye.
Driver: Okay okay..

So he started driving and somehow he kept telling where we are every single bus stop he stopped at @.@

When we were almost there..
Driver: Mana Wisma Akademi ni?
Me: Saya pun tak tau.
Driver: So, awak sampai 3 2 Square, member datang ambik ke?
Me: Err, tak kot. Kena jalan gi Wisma Akademi.
Driver: Awak tau ke Wisma Akademi tu kat mana dan rupa dia?
Me: Tak tau.

Then the driver started yelling to the passengers in the bus.
Driver: Perhatian! Ada sesiapa yang tahu Wisma Akademi kat mana tak???

Omgosh, that seriously scared me! LOL!
But too bad no one responded :(

Me: Takpe lah. Saya turun kat 3 2 Square, saya akan kol kawan saya.
Driver: Oh okok. Make sure you call kawan you ah. Jangan hilang pula. Apa lah, nak pergi tempat tu tapi tak tahu tempat tu. 

So then he let me down and I thanked him for his help.
Awwww, there is still good and helpful people around in Malaysia :)
Felt so enlighten on that day despite waiting for the bus for one  hour zz

Anyway, yes, back to internship.
I think I shall leave it for the next post because I need to get myself ready cause I am going to watch Fast & Furious 6 laterrrrr!! :D

Will talk about internship in the next post!

A few pictures.

With the group of interns and 2 of the permanent staff on orientation day :)

With the "Tallest Tower Building" team :)
 First day of work.
 AFTER the 3rd day of work x_X

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