Monday, May 20, 2013

First day of internship.

First milestone step.
First day in the corporate world.
First time being late for half an hour for a job.
First internship.

Anyway, yes, first day of internship today.
Well, basically a lot of briefing and activities.

But this post is not dedicated for internship...

This is about one of my fear.

So after intern today, I went to Maluri AEON to wait for my dad.
He went in to AEON to go to the washroom =.=
So I waited for him at the main entrance, right beside Starbucks because I thought of stealing their Wifi again =x
And then, suddenly a stranger approached me, smiled at me and said HI!
Here was how our conversation went..
Shall call him Stranger. He has a very strong English accent.

Stranger: Hi!
Me: Err, hi?
Stranger: I like your hair colour! It looks really nice on you. Suits you very well. Where did you get it done? Like which saloon did you went to to dye it?
Me: Err, I did it myself.
Stranger: What? You did it yourself? What brand of product did you bought?
Me: Err, Liese.
Stranger: How much is it?
Me: Err, I'm not sure. You can actually get it inside. (pointed inside AEON)
Stranger: Oh okay, thank you. Anyway, I actually just came back from the US. So what are you doing now? Are you studying or working?
Me: I am studying.
Stranger: Oh, which college?
Me: Tunku Abdul Rahman. (I was assuming he would not know what college it is and just leave me alone)
Stranger: Oh, UTAR?
Me: No, college.
Stranger: Oh yes, college. Yes, I know the difference between UTAR and TAR College. Yes, yes. I didn't catch your name just now, what was your name again?
Me: Err, Felicia. (Told my name reluctantly and kept looking inside AEON to see if dad was coming out already and hoping he would not ask for my number)
Stranger: Oh okay, nice to meet you. (Showing his hand, wanting to shake hands with me)
Me: (I did not shake his hand because one hand was holding the file and the other was holding my phone)
Stranger: You don't shake hand?
Me: Err, my hands are kinda full.
Stranger: What about pinky? (Showing his last finger -.-)
Me: Err, no, sorry. (After thinking for some time) I am actually waiting for my dad.
Stranger: Oh alright. I understand that you do not want to be judged. (He then walked a little further away and then his worker/driver came out calling him).

Anyway, I told my mum the story and she was like, you wasted an opportunity to get to know a rich person. LOL.

What to do, I am afraid of strangers.

Will update about my first day of internship soon.
The day I went half an hour late zz

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