Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Random post.
Just realised that I have lotsa fears.
1. Crowd
2. Strangers
3. People's thoughts about me
5. Lightning
6. Thunder
7. Foreigners :\
8. A place filled with too many girls :\
9. The road less taken
10. Standing in front of a crowd
11. Talking in front of a crowd
12. People listening to me
13. Singing alone in Kbox zz
14. People whispering to another person in front of me
15. KIDS!

So far, that is what I can think of  :\

Anyway, just a few group photos :)
Good old DAC18 buddies.

& tadaaaa, first time appearing in my blog, the all new AFA11 :)

Internship begins tomorrow till end of July.
All the best to every intern from TARC! :)

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