Friday, August 10, 2012


Abandoned blog.

Finals is tomorrow!!
Exactly 7 more days till my holidays begin!
And holiday means the end of Diploma :)
Finally graduating after 2 years and 3 months+! :DD
But first, I need to go through this wave of exams.
This is gonna be a tough one.
As usual, in order to end exams in time for Raya holidays, exams are cramped up again!
This week at least it is a little loose.
A week to study for 2 subjects and an additional day to study for the 2nd one.
But next week, 2 days to study 2 subjects and one exam after another x_X
Anyway, I just hope I'll get at least an A- :D
To maintain my CGPA and scholarship :D

Anyway, since yesterday, I've joined FriendlyFashion!
It is a site where people clear out their wardrobe and sell stuff they can't wear or don't want anymore.
And at the same time, refill their wardrobe by purchasing from other sellers :D
Okay, so I got obsessed with it!
I started taking out all the clothes from my wardrobe and taking pictures of them and putting them up for sale!
But until now there are no buyers :(
So, anyway, (yes, I am promoting) if you are interested, here is my profile and you can PM me anytime :)

I will always be available :D
Cause I've got nothing better to do, except study. HAHA.
Most of the clothes I'm selling is actually quite new.
Either I've never worn them before or worn once or twice.
Take a peek and let me know :)

I find this picture very funny! :D


Hani Shaklee said...

goodluck babe! I know u can do it!

``Felicia Kok. said...

Thanks so much!
Really need lotsa luck this time! :)