Friday, August 24, 2012

When things around you go wrong and turn dark, find the light that will lead you through.

Hello people.

You know sometimes it is better that you don't know anything than to know everything.

Seriously, thanks to Nuffnang, I have been pretty happy and surprised recently.
Seriously, thank you so much!

Just now I went for one of the premier I won.
Which was Katy Perry: Part of Me movie.
At first, I thought, okay, it is another life experience boring movie.
But then, it turned out to be different.
It was actually superbly nice!
It was inspirational and warm to the heart :)
And on top of that, it was in 3D!
Everything look so real!
Who says we need to go to concert to see her in close up? :D
Anyway, life being a superstar is not that easy.

I mean, generally, life isn't easy.
There are so many ups and downs that comes like the wave in the sea.
All you gotta do is stay firm; enjoy the ups and learn from the downs.
Without any downs, you won't know that any ups even exist.

Anyway, picture time!

The tickets! :)
 I sat in G15! :D
I like the effect of this picture.

Too lazy to wait for the rest of the photos to be uploaded!


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