Sunday, August 12, 2012


Gosh, seriously, I was so happy when my menstrual came yesterday night.
1. It was after my exam and not during my exam.
2. Today is a holiday.
3. Do not have exam today.

The bad thing is, it hurt so bad!
I couldn't sleep at night because my leg cramped the whole night =.=
And today, my stomach cramp started =.=
I was lying down the whole morning till just now! Like a few minutes ago.
And besides that, I kept vomiting what I ate =.=

Then my friend told me to make myself feel comfy to let go of the pain.
Traditional medicine?
Take pain killers?

NO. My only way to cure this pain is to sleep.
I have law exam tomorrow!
How to sleep and sacrifice my time to study?

Yea, finally I decided to go to sleep too cause no use reading and revising cause nothing entered my brain.
Better sleep, let the pain go away and then strive to study.
Hmm, yea, that's a girl's life!
SUCKS big time!

Anyway, I AM FINE NOW! :D
Gonna take a shower and continue striving!!!
LAW, I will get an A!

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