Friday, August 17, 2012

When it comes to an end.

Started it back in May 2010.
It was 2 years ago.
When I first got culture shock!
Yes, culture shock!
Huge shock!
Shocking shock which I was depressed about for MANY MONTHS =.=
Yes, TAR College is FILLED with Chinese!

Okay, now you're thinking.
"I thought you're Chinese?"
Yes, No?
Of course I am a Chinese!
But I've never been around SOOOOOOO many Chinese before.
And on top of that, the medium they use for communication is Mandarin.
Gosh, it was nightmare way back then.
I couldn't even understand basic Mandarin.
How was I suppose to mix with Mandarin speaking people?
That was one HUGE culture shock and depressing moment :(

But 2nd semester gone by and I got used to it :)
Now I can understand more Mandarin words and I don't get offended anymore when people start speaking Mandarin to me.

I actually learnt a lot from being around DIFFERENT type of people @.@
On top of that, I learnt how to be more patient and NEUTRAL.
I got over being a pessimist and a risk adverse!

But one thing I still could not overcome was being unsociable =.=

Anyway, YES!
Finals are finally over.
Just in time for the Hari Raya holidays! :D

And all I wanna say is thank you to my TAR College friends!
You guys have really been great friends!
Sometimes I may get angry inside.
Of course I won't show my angry face because I don't show my angry face to outsiders :D
And I bet you guys enjoyed my lameness and JOKES! :D
I  know I am really funny! =x
Oh ya, and my acting! :)
Thanks for saying that I am a good actress.
Thanks for thinking that I am thin :D

All I wanna say now is....

Hope to see you guys soon!

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