Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What happened?

What is so good about semester break?

Basically, during semester break I don't need to drink water (cause no one will remind me and I won't notice that I am thirsty).
I don't eat according to the usual hours. (eg. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
I sit and lie down the whole day.
Sleep late!
Stare at the computer most of the time without my spectacles on! SHHHH~
Watch a movie a day! :)

The results of not drinking water is being so heaty that my voice is so cacat-ed and I am having break outs like mad!!
Now it is worse than when I was studying for finals =.=
GOSH, this is crazy!

Okay, eventhough I sit and lie down whole day, I lost weight!
Wanna know why?
Cause I don't eat regularly =.=
Everyday I wake up at 9am and eat only at 2pm and 8pm x_X
I guess it is too little? 0.o
I don't feel hungry anyway, so why bother eating? =x

And I bet my eye power increased x_X
But, I am so lazy to find my specs!

Having my first Mandarin class this coming Saturday!
Pretty excited about it!
Well, it is one of my resolution this year to learn Mandarin!
Wish me good luck! :)

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