Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What are you doing?

Currently having my semester break!
The other day I went back to college to apply car sticker for my friend, return the borrowed-for-so-long-already text book, pass Hada Labo to my friends, take dresses from Dress to Impress owner and check out from hostel! :)
So many things to do :)
So, YAY! I got my dresses already!

Little introduction to a new online shop for me to conveniently buy dresses with lower cost and without postage fees!
The online shop is Dress to Impress.
The shop belongs to a TAR College student, so I believe she can be trusted :)
Time to show what I bought!
I bought 2 dresses.
First one is this!
Okay, it does look similar!
Even the quality is nice!
The second one is this!
 Exactly the same right?
 I got both the dresses for RM20 each :)
Good quality.
Will definitely be buying from her again!
Highly recommended for TAR College students! :)

I bought a deal from Jackcow!
Starbucks deal, LOL!
Now I have my own Starbucks card with the little cow on it xD
And it comes with a voucher and 6 packets of coffee!

Bought another deal from!
I am waiting anxiously for my new phone to arrive!
This phone has lots of feature and guess what, it is a Malaysian brand!!
Ximax phone :)
Only RM150!!!

So, that's all for now!

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