Saturday, April 28, 2012

XiMAX Cute 3G review.

Hey guys and girls!
As you all know, recently I purchased a new phone from Groupon.
The phone is from XiMAX.
So basically, these are a few pictures of it.
 #1. The box. The features are written on the cover of the box.

 The phone basically comes with a manual, 2 batteries, USB cable, charger and earphone.
So, here are the pros and cons of this phone.

1. Easy to type message. (As you can see, the keypad is QWERTY keypad) *ILOVEKEYPADS!
2. Got WiFi!
3. Easy to navigate.
4. They give you 2 batteries.

1. Battery life only lasts up to maximum 2 days.
2. Camera is not useful!

Well, basically that is it.
A simple phone :)
Not used for high technology.
Sufficient for calling, sms-ing and surfing the net! :)
Well, what do you expect from a RM150 phone right?

Anyway, thumbs up to XiMAX for being able to come out with this phone!
They have other models that are more advance too.
Do check out their page!

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thingthing said...

can you install apps on this phone?