Monday, October 18, 2010

Altitude & You Again!

The title says it all!
I won 2 pairs of tickets to watch Altitude (tomorrow at 1Utama) and You Again (this Friday at e@Curve!)
Gosh, I am so gay happy!
I can't believe I won for both competition.
Mum says it is not worth it because the venue is far.
Yea, can't deny that fact.
But I can't deny the fact that this is like the first 2 PUBLIC competition that I won!
I won Altitude by completing a less than 15 words slogan. That was kind of random.
Then, You Again was because of this
post. =)
It was another random post also.
But I was really satisfied about that post because of the experience.
It's like letting a cat out of the bag.
Anyway, will be going for Altitude screening tomorrow night.
I haven't complete my preparation of English individual presentation yet x_X
One word, DIE!

Anyway, I'm currently obsessed with this book!
It is a nice and easy to read book!
Going to finish it already =)
I borrowed it from my college library the other day.
It's amazing that my college library has so many novels that I just recently found out.
I'm gonna visit the library more often =x

Next week exam.


mabelpanda said...

Penang tarc's library no novels wan. Lots of revision book only. :(

``Felicia Kok. said...

HAHA! Mine got one section only. Here got 6 floors lerh the library!