Thursday, October 07, 2010

You Again?

I would be very glad and happy to blog about this person that I hate and would not want to see, meet or even bumped into her, ever in my entire life! And if I believe in a next life, I would not want to see her too!

First of all, I will introduce her to all my readers. I will name her as H.O.A.B. This name has been in my blog a couple of time if my readers have been following my blog. She left a memory, not a good one of course. A dark, black, revengefull and unexplainable memory. She's an old middle-aged lady. I will not reveal her race. But I can say that she has dark skin, gosh, do the maths and figure it out. No offence to dark people.

Here's the story.
I was in Form 4 that time. Being as active as I can in school's co-curriculum as usual. Being in Red Crescent Society was all I wanted because I loved Biology and helping people. It was end of the year and as usual, we were suppose to hold a ceremony where younger students like my age gets promoted and hold the responsibility of organising the Red Crescent Society in my school. I attended every single meeting that was held and stayed loyal like usual. But when the day of the ceremony was coming nearer, and everyone was in the hall decorating and preparing, H.O.A.B suddenly called me to the hall. She had a so called private talk with me in front of the members. She's a teacher by the way. She told this to me, "Felicia, I can't see you being loyal to this society, it's like you never helped or cared to ask for something to do." I answered, "Teacher, I have been typing the invitation cards, the decoration and so much more, now you're telling me I'm not doing anything? I attended all the meetings that were held and you can't see my loyalty?" I just couldn't believe my ears! And she said, "Yes, I cant see anything that you're offering."
Tell me, is she blind or what?
I was suppose to hold the vise chairman position and I got a shock of my life when she told me, "And because I don't see you being involved in this society, I'm going to demote you from being vice chairman to head of discipline." Tears started rolling down from my eyes. All the effort I poured and time I sacrificed was wasted. Being a vice chairman is being a sergeant and being the head of discipline is just being a lance corporal. H.O.A.B just walked away and I sat down crying. A while later, she came to me and said, "If you wanna cry, please leave the hall, I don't want people crying in this hall making everybody look gloomy."
Like what the heck?!
I left the room and went back straight to my classroom.
I cried in the class and my classmates asked me what happened.
I told them and they told me to stand up for myself. At first I resisted, but they insisted that I go ahead and talk face to face with H.O.A.B and asked me not to worry because they will be there to support me. So I gave myself all the confident and went back to the hall together with my friends.
And guess what? Before I even reached her, she shouted, "Now what do you want now? You think bringing in your friends, you will get back your position?! I'm giving it to a boy that is in Form 2. You think you're very big now is it? Bringing your St. John friends?"
All I wanted was to explain what I did and contributed and she wouldn't listen.
From that moment on, I hated her.
I went home weeping.

But some of my friends told me to prove her wrong. In Form 5, she asked me to plan a camp for the whole society. And to prove my ability, with no power, I planned a camp. With my supportive friends. The camp went well. I did not go for the camp because I didn't want to see her face.
At the end of the year, the same ceremony was held again for the younger students. And I got an award establishing that I was one of the best committee member.
She told my friend, who was the chairman of the society that she made the wrong choice of choosing a boy that lacked of experience and wasn't really loyal to hold that position.
Until now I still hate her. No matter how many apologies from her, I will not forgive her.
I will never ever want to meet her, see her, or even bump into her ever again.
Hell's over, no more devils in my life.

Gosh, that's a relieve.

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There you go~
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