Sunday, October 17, 2010

This coming week.

It's gonna be a crazy week!
Assigments have to be done, presentation week and also Altitude screening!
So, I got my pay!
What a weird amount of money!
A few pictures to share.
Was taken during bookfest.
#1. Hall 2 cashiers and packers =)
#2. My lane cashiers and packers =)
Mel, me and Janice =)
Yesterday was Kl-Selangor BB founder's day! =)
Went to Methodist College at Tun Sambathan to celebrate.
Was on duty xD
LOL. First time directing people on the road x_X
Overall, it was okay.
Enjoyed the most during hall sessions xD
"Praise the Lord! *Chang chang chang!"

We were there for like almost 12 hours.
Omgosh, super tiring.
At night we went for Thai Steamboat.
At first there were like so little people we thought it wasn't famous.
Then people start appearing and it became noisy.
Everyone was so tired that we left before 10pm and went back home.

So, Sunday arrives.
Did nothing, other than online.
Till now, dinner time!

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