Monday, May 26, 2014


Recently I have been hooked by Running Man.
I watch at least 3 episodes a day.
4.5 hours burned everyday.
It's okay.
I believe I can make it :)

Anyway, that is not the main point.
I actually started off by watching the recent episodes but after watching the most recent one, I decided to start from episode 1.

So in episode 1, the hosts in Running Man were unfamiliar with each other.
Well, some probably knew each other and are close with each other but some were pure variety show newbie.
So, there is actually this guy name Lee Kwang Soo.
When I was watching the recent episodes, I was like, wth, this guy like so dumb dumb one.
He is not a person that is capable of doing physical stuff or even mentally challenged stuff.
He was just tall, funny and just being himself.

But then, when I actually went back to the beginning of Running Man, I realized that he was actually a very polite person.
He really respected the elderly and was just genuinely interested in what he was doing.
He tried really hard to ensure that his team would win and tried not to disappoint them.
He was one of the newbie back then and because he wasn't close to anyone in the show, he often kept his thoughts to himself and most of the time was being unheard in the team.

Then I realized, actually his personality is kind of the same as mine?
If I was grouped in an unfamiliar group, all I would do is keep quiet and let other more dominant people do the talking.
I would only speak when I was given the opportunity and even if I had the opportunity, I would think twice before speaking.
Filter what I am thinking and then filter again when I am speaking.

And then in the recent episodes, obviously he is closer to the whole hosts group and felt comfortable around them.
I can actually see the huge difference between the first few episodes and the current ones.
In the recent episodes, he is more opened to criticisms and actually dare to open his mouth and speak his thoughts whenever he feels necessary or even when it was unnecessary. LOL.
And then I immediately think of the group of friends I have in college where I am definitely comfortable around them and AT LEAST I dare to speak my thoughts out.

It is really important to have friends which you feel comfortable around and do not need to think so much when you speak.
It's like, even shit also just say lah.
But then at times it is just difficult to find the perfect friend lah.

Anyway, I miss team building activities.
I really love them, especially sports.
Netball, captain ball and relay running.

Back then in secondary school, I used to take part in the 4x100m and 4x400m runs for Sports Day and that is the only time where I would be super close to friends that are not from the first few classes.
I noticed that they are very flexible and they go all out for sports and I love people that love sports.
I do not like people who doesn't like sports.
When you win something because of teamwork and the effort of every member in the team, the glory you feel is beyond anyone's imagination.
It is like trying your best and relying on others at the same time and you know that they will not disappoint you.
& when you win, it feels really really great!
Though solo runs are good too but team relay running is way better!
I really miss Sports Day. :(
I actually was in the same 4x100m and 4x400m team for at least 3 consecutive years if I am not mistaken.
The teachers do not need to choose the main team cause basically we volunteer ourselves as a group though we might not be from the same class and during school days we don't even talk or look at each other. LOL.
The irony.
How sports bring people together :)

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