Friday, June 13, 2014


If life has a rewind button, which year will you go back to and why?

I would most probably go back to when I was a kid?

Being a kid is awesome!
You basically eat, play, sleep and do the same thing everyday!
It was so fun back then.
Didn't need to bother about the consequence of an action and what shit Newton's 3rd Law is.

But yeah, life is continuous and there is neither a rewind nor a stop button.
You just gotta move on and climb all the mountains till you get to the top or be satisfied with where you are.

Haven't been blogging lately due to brain jam.
Not getting any inspiration from anywhere.
Have been updating my Dayre quite often though.
Those are pretty much impromptu thoughts and daily stuffs.
More on daily rants. LOL.

I used to think that mobile blogging would be troublesome because I am not good in typing on my phone and all but after getting the hang of it, it is much more convenient compared to sitting down in front of the computer and typing everything in one go.

Using Dayre, I can blog as things are happening and everything typed in a day will appear in a post.
Simple and convenient.
Gahh, technology, innovation and creativity.
Definition of an entreprenuership!

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Mandy Ooi said...

I'd love to go back being a kid too. Total worry free days. haha. and yes Dayre is awesome! :D