Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Subang Jaya Property & Local Info!

21 and ready to buy a property!
Nahh, just kidding :D
In the current century, how can a 21 years old young adult afford to buy a house?
The price of a house is like super duper expensive nowadays.
Last time during our parents' century, their house would cost roughly 50k?
Now it's like at least RM100k.

Anyway, in order to buy a house, house buyers of course must need to do a survey around the area first.
Last time, my parents use to drive around housing areas if we were to want to buy a house.
We can use one day just to survey around ONE housing area and maybe take a look inside 2-3 houses around that area.
It was sooooo time consuming.
After looking around the housing area, we would need to drive around that area to check if there are convenient shop, restaurants, shopping centres or any other facilities nearby.
By the end of the day, we would be so exhausted!

Now that technology has finally catch up, we no longer need to physically drive all the way to any housing area to check if the area is surrounded by good food or shopping centres.
All we need to go is on the computer, go online and search for that area.

I came across this particular website that provides good and detailed information regarding places in Malaysia.
The website's name is called Propwall.
The one I looked at was Subang Jaya.
All this while I thought that Subang Jaya was the outskirt area where people would not want to live there because it would be very troublesome to travel to KL city.
Every time someone mention Subang Jaya, all I could think of was KTM.
But after looking at the information provided, I realised that there were sooooo many universities there!
SEGi, Monash, Taylor's, INTI!
All the famous universities are located there.
On top of that, they have soooooo many shopping malls!
Subang Parade, Empire and Sunway Pyramid!

All these information are actually extracted from the website I found.
There were also a chart/diagram about the analysis of prices of houses there and rental prices too!
The information regarding rental prices were really helpful especially for students.

Oh ya, now I noticed that not only KTM reaches Subang Jaya, the LRT is somewhere near too!

Okay, now I realise that Subang Jaya is actually a great place to live in.
Lets see what information they give for Cheras :D

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