Monday, November 11, 2013

There goes the semester.

Finally semester break arrives!
It has not been any break since Chinese New Year and that is the reason why AFA-ians are so damn excited about having one month break before the external papers!
This semester has been tough :\
But at the same time one of the most fun semester I have ever experienced.
Staying up late to study.
Like WHAT?
Since when do I start doing that right?
But yes, I really did put in more effort compared to the previous two semester.
Since I shifted there, I basically have a lot more time to study and concentrate on studies.
Before this, most of my time was spent on the road.
Waiting for the bus, then the train, and then the train again and then the very terrible not-on-time-at-all bus.
Dreadful days.
Everyday, by the time I reach home, I am exhausted like mad.
Most of the time I would just sleep in the bus despite the dangerous environment.
But now it's like, awesome! :)
I get to go back any time I want.
I can stay back in college till 7pm and there is still a bus that I can ride on and it would only take 15 minutes to reach back home, not home as in Cheras home, but home as in PV home :D

Anyway, too lazy to write on.
Let the picture speak.

BHP Orange Run.
The roommate and I :)

Celebrating mooncake festival at KFC!

The whole semester has been really really really really really extremely COLD!

 Will update more soon :D

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