Monday, November 18, 2013

The Anti-mainstream in Me.

This is the time of the year when I get bored of my blog header and decided it is time to change it.
& booyah, the vanity in me kicks in!
The one before was ONE picture of me and now we got a collection of pictures of ME!

Oh ya, when I reformat my computer a while ago, I actually uninstalled my Photoscape and now I got it back.
I can do this!

Amazing huh? :D

Okay, back to life.
It has been 9 days since I last touched my books a.k.a the last day of finals.
I do feel a little guilty and uneasy about it because I know and I realised how different the level of toughness will be for ACCA external papers compared to internal final exams but hmm, I want more break! :(
It has been so many many many months since I last just sat down on my computer chair and watch movie the whole day, or the whole month :D
Anyway, been watching movies, dramas and just do nothing on my computer chair for the past 9 days and okay, I think it is enough.
Time to get back to studying and burning the midnight oil and get back on track to prepare myself for ACCA external papers :(
I know it is gonna be super tiring and boring and oh-so-stressful (maybe) and I would probably be getting insomnia again when the date of the exams get nearer but well, that's life right?
It is exactly 3 weeks before the exams.
One subject per week perhaps?
Don't think it is even enough :\
Anyway, will try my best and hopefully I will pass :)
Not with flying colour also let me pass with no colour also can lah :D
Asalkan no red colour :D

It has also been days since I fell sick.
Like 4 days?
Fever, headache, flu and cough.
Fever and cough are gone but still having headaches now and then and the flu just doesn't wanna go away!
Oh ya, exam period means staying far away from home :(
Which at times it is good cause it is fun but at times I just get homesick and I can't do anything about it.
The dog gets very thin when I am away :(
And I get very sad (occasionally) when I am away.

Oh well, I can't wait for external papers to be done with and Christmas to be arriving!
I cannot wait for Christmas to come!
It has been so long since I last got a Christmas present? *hinthint
Get me something that I can use, or eat :D
I love FOOD!

Life's great with food around.
You basically don't need anything else when you have food!

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Doris C. said...

Nice blog header :D hehehe!