Thursday, June 06, 2013


One word, AWESOME!

Internship has been nothing but AWESOME!

The current audit team is so awesome!
The environment is awesome.
The experience is awesome.

There is so much practicability in the theories learnt in college.
Okay, I am in audit and assurance department, therefore, I am talking about audit wise.
Basically, everything learnt in college is applicable in my internship.
Well, of course there is more in practice than in theory wise because every company practices different policy and procedures.

I am now in my second week of internship already.
Still with the same awesome audit team.
Next week might be my last with the current group.

I want to talk about my long working hours but I don't wanna disclose my working hours here.
Afraid of the consequences of disclosing my schedule :\
Anyway, it is long.
Quite long, compared to college days.

For the first few days, I really felt like dying because of the need to get up sooooooo early in the morning and sleep sooooo late at night.
But by the second week, my body adapted to the timings already :D

So anyway, audit team awesome.
What I've learnt so far?
1. Eat fast!
2. Eat a lot!
4. Don't vomit theories in exam paper and not suck them back :\
5. Talk more.
6. Adapt to situations quickly.

Yea, that's pretty much the general lessons :D

I still haven't have the time to really think of a comprehensive blog post regarding internship.
This is just a short summary of what is happening.
But in conclusion, audit team is AWESOME!! :D

Last but not least, have been meeting lotsa people that annoy the sh*t out of me.
So, I would like to emphasize on this.

"When I throw a fact at you aggressively it means I have done my research.

At times when I stop arguing with you about your facts, it does not mean you are right, it might simply mean you are behaving like a total childish crap and I don't wanna waste my freaking time arguing with a "nonsenseful" person.
Do your research and don't create your own fact out of crap."