Thursday, October 11, 2012


Life goes on, with or without anyone else.
Time never stops, not for you not for me.
Turning back is not an option but looking back is.

I'm a neutral person.
I don't hate haters nor lovers.
Everyone has their own views on everything.
Whether you like it or not, it is their thought.

There are so many weird people in this world that sometimes their action is unpredictable and unexplainable.
Being in a new environment is good because it trains oneself to adapt to new situations :)
But some people do not like coming out from their comfort zone.
They want to be around people they know well and dislike being in a place filled with strangers.
For me on the other hand, likes strangers because I can portray a new side of me :)
A different side which the people I once knew don't know.
Bad or good, well, it depends on who the strangers are :)

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