Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mimi is the culprit!

OKAY. Things just got serious.
Remember my previous post regarding the damn rats?!
Mimi, my dog, dug the garden!
I actually placed 3 tiles at the usual place that she used to dig last time to cover it up so that she will stop digging.
But today she dug below the tiles.
It was a MESS I tell you!
So I went out, wanting to clear up the mess.
There was actually a hole dug below the tiles and when I lift the tile, this is what I saw!
My dog actually dug a hole for the rat to stay in it.
LIKE WHAT THE HECK is wrong with her?!
Is she like adopting a pet rat? =.=

So so, when I lited it up, the small little mouse was actually just sitting there and staring at me @.@
It did not even try to run.
It actually look cute!
It actually look evil!!
So I called my mum and told her about it.
She attempted to catch it but failed and I got scolding for that =.=

So, the conclusion is, the rat is still around!!


Birthie said...

A pet within a pet within a pet. We must go deeper – which your dog did. You'll never know what's the rat gonna adopt next…

Anonymous said...

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