Sunday, October 14, 2012

When all else fails.

After about 7 years of suffering from acne, finally decided to visit the local pharmacy for advice.
According to the doctor, my case wasn't ordinary pimple case. It was bacteria infection and it was inflammable which makes it spread from one place to the other easily.
So, I was given anti-biotic which he said I need to take for 10 days to kill the bacteria and return to the pharmacy after that to see the result.
He said that the effect can definitely be seen after the 10th day.
I was also given an acne cream for acne (duhhh) to be applied on my acne everyday.

So, I took a BEFORE picture of my face.
And I will definitely take the AFTER picture too.
Maybe if I am free, I will take for alternative days.

Well, hopefully this might work.
Cost me RM20 bucks for the antibiotic okay!
And RM10 for the acne cream :|

Really hope it will work.

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