Monday, March 26, 2012

Word of the day: PROCRASTINATE!

Yeah, so basically I'm still procrastinating.
Had been procrastinating since last Friday @.@
Tomorrow is my first final exam paper.
Moral & Etika.
I need at least 63/100 to get an A!!
So I will aim to get at east 70 :)
I have not complete reading yet :(
Will continue tonight.
Will be going back to hostel tomorrow noon and might not be back for the weekend.
Depends on whether I got the job for the weekend or not :)

So, for those who are studying real hard for the exam, CHILLAX!
For those who studied a bit a bit like me, TAK ADA MASALAH PUNYA!
For those that did not study at all, GO DIE LARH! :)

Something for you guys!


Nick said...


``Felicia Kok. said...

Thanks! :)

Nick said...

sorry to reply here, bt yes, i m from ipoh but currently workin in penang, so how do i reply u? chatbox or smtg :) u r from penang too?