Thursday, March 29, 2012

If tomorrow never comes, I will kill myself!

Actually I wanted to blog about marriage but lets leave that away first :)
I wanted to cause I thought about it when I was taking my shower.
Anyway, lets talk about something more realistic shall we? :)

I applied for several jobs.
Promoters (of course), blog walker (yes, there are people paying for blogwalking!) and also mystery shopping!
So, end up, I got called up by 3 companies!
YES, 3!!
No, actually it was 2!
Another one was a job introduced by my roommate (Gonna be ex-roommate soon. Sad!)
Anyway anyway, I am pretty excited!
They have called me up to attend a briefing and to explain in detail concerning the job.
So, I really hope I get for all 3.
I have been spending money like no one's business for like a year already?
Although I have some side income, but the expenditure obviously is more than the income.

Where do I get side income from you ask?
Let me share with you guys!

First, of course :)
I have been very loyal to them.
It's just sharing and well, getting to know information before everyone else does!
Basically, you just need to share post on Facebook or even Twitter.
For every unique visitor, you can earn yourself from RM0.20 up to RM0.40!!
So, yea, it is a simple yet high income job.
Every one or two months, I will earn RM50 from them :)
It is okay for me. At least a little to compensate my huge expenditure!

My second way of getting side income is to invest!
Nope, I am not investing in the stock market.
I am investing in GOLD!
Everyday the gold price flunctuate.
My dad is currently an agent for Genneva. Yes, you can google that up if you do not know what is that :)
Basically, the procedure is:
1. You check the current gold price for the day, or you can ask my dad.
2. Buy the gold through my dad. If you do not have sufficient money then you can share with your family members. Average gold price is around RM20k per100gram.
3. Sit back, relax and enjoy the interest earned for 3 months. Why 3 months? Cause every gold bought only last for 3 months, and after 3 months, you will need to return the physical that you hold to the company and get back your principal that you've invested in the beginning.
During the first payment, you will immediately enjoy the first interest earn.
If I am not mistaken, 100gram is 2.5% per month.
Therefore, if you invest RM20k, you will get RM500 per month and RM1500 for 3 months!
That's not all, if you were lucky, during promotion period, they might increase the interest to 3% per month!
So, interested? HEHE.
So far, I already earned up to RM600+ for 3 months.

Thats basically 2 ways for me to earn side income :)

So this semester break I'm going all out to earn as much money as I can by working!
I don't wanna sit at home and rot because I have one whole month of holiday!!!
Currently 2 jobs are almost confirmed and the other one is still pending :)
I will be working this weekend and next weekend.
Next Thursday and Friday and the following Thursday and Friday.
And after that the whole week until I start my new semester.

You know, working actually can make you lose weight!
I tried before.
I worked in S&J for about 2 months and I lost about 5kg!
Isn't that amazing?
So if you're interested in losing weight, go find a work that requires you to stand, smile and talk! :)
Till then.
Will update about my work when I am free.

One more paper to go!
Wish me good luck!


Nick said...

nono, dont kill yourself :) jz do your best :)

``Felicia Kok. said...

HAHA! Tomorrow came! :) Glad it's gonna be over :)