Sunday, March 18, 2012

Priceless memories.

Hmm, I'm glad I always write my ups and downs in this blog.
Today I spent a few hours reading through my blog again.
Reading through my memories :)
I can see that I'm becoming more of a positive person.
There were numerous emo posts @.@
Well, at least I get to learn from my mistakes :)
It gives me a warm feeling to be able to remember back what I have done and the people that walked through my life.
No matter it was a sad past or a happy past, it still remains as memory.
No matter who you are, I will not hate you.
I will always remember you.
The way everyone treated me, whether bad or good :)
I think that I am a quite lucky girl to have so much experience!
If you are part of my blog, then you are lucky!!
Hmm, exclude HOAB =.=
I'm happy I complaint about her!
At least I feel relief :D

Anyway, I'm only 20!
There's more to come in my life.
Will keep updating this blog and maybe when I adopt a child and live happily ever after with him/her, I would let him/her read this blog xD

Life's full of surprises!

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