Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looks like it's the end and also the beginning.

This semester, have not been any downs at all! :D
Really glad!
So, last 2 semester already!
Still have not really decided where I am going after this.
Should I go to UK?
Or should I continue Advance Diploma in TARC?
Any suggestions?
AD means only RM2.5k maybe?
If UK means RM90k max.
Anyway, not my decision to be made.
It's totally up to my dad.
He's the one paying after all.

Just to share with all my readers.
My group did a drama for our Moral & Etika assignment :)
Moral & Etika is a really fun and exciting subject! 
And thanks to Mr. Wong, we LOVE the subject a lot! :)
Sila menikmati video kami! :D

Hope you enjoyed it! :D

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