Monday, March 19, 2012

First cover people! :D

Finally decided to make a cover of Innocence by Avril Lavigne.
Been wanting to do it for a very long time already.
Kept thinking of the consequences.
What if people don't like it?
What if they hate me?
What if they insult or critic me?
Well, I DON'T CARE! :D
It's just for entertainment.
You can think it's funny or what but it is a hobby :)
I enjoy singing very much.
Although my voice is not perfect, I still enjoy singing.

So, here you go.
My first cover.
Might or might not continue this hobby.

Enjoy it!

Will see if I have the time to record another one.
Or if you guys have any request, just comment.
Eleh, macam lah dah terkenal.

Final week for semester 6!!
Next week is my finals already!
I can smell holiday!
Buhh byeee~

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