Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hostel life.

Here to talk about hostel life :)
I have been wanting to stay in hostel since the first semester.
And finally I get to stay in hostel :)
RM570+, worth the try :)
The first week was a little boring suckish cause I didn't have a roommate!
My roommate got chicken pox during the week before college start -.-
So, I had to be all by myself for 1 week plus :(
But after she came back, life was a little fun-er!
We spent almost whole day out and when we're in the room, we would spend all our time chit chatting away xD
Nights we'rent so lonely anymore with her around :)
It's like having sleepover while having college at the same time!
Doesn't it sound fun? :)
Anyway, my roommate is very supportive!
She helps me in most of my things, especially studies.
4.0 flat student larhhhhh! xD

Besides having a nice roommate, I EXTREMELY LOVE bathing time!!
You know why??
The water pressure here is like waterfall!
I absolutely love bathing time!
No matter it is 7.15 in the morning or 10pm at night!
I can spend the whole morning in there if I have the time xD

Other than that, the owner of Dress to Impress online shop lives opposite my room =.=
So basically, I just need to go over to her room, or chat with her through facebook and pay her at her room xD
It is super convenient!
So, yea, I've just ordered 2 dress from her!
Will be getting them on the 3rd of April.
Will post about the reviews when I get them, so stay tune!

So, that's pretty much what hostel life is about.
Hmm, I think I want to stay in hostel for next semester but the renewal is over already :(
Will go and ask the hostel management people on what to do.
Will see how :)

Well, will be having this soon.

Good luck TARC-ians, once again! :)


Lynnie said...

Hostel life seemed fun XD

``Felicia Kok. said...

Hey Lynnie, first time reading my blog aite? :)
Thanks for visiting.
Yeap, quite fun during this relaxing semester :)