Saturday, November 05, 2011


Almost 2 weeks of non-blogging days :(
This is bad, real bad.

Anyway, just to update on college days.
2 tests have gone by.
Business Economics was okay I guess @.@
It was rather confusing.
And the funny part was, I did something funny.
For the first time in college, we were asked to sit according to the namelist @.@
Alphabetical orders of course.
So, I was sitting at the back.
I totally forgot to wear my spectacles during the test :(
So, I was basically HALF blind!
I couldn't see the white board at all!
So, there was this question that goes something like this.
"If a person has no concern on his health, the demand of health care tend to be price _______."
Fill in the blanks.
I was like, "eh? Price what? 0.o If 'PRICED' still accepted! But this is 'price'! What word can come after 'price'?"
Well, then I told myself, "I think there's a grammar mistake here."
*Checks the whiteboard for message on the mistake.
OBVIOUSLY I can't find anything because I can't even see the whiteboard!!
So, I ASSUMED there was a mistake and just ignore the word "price". =x
So, yea, I wrote elastic. 
Hope it is the right answer, although it makes no sense @.@

Then the next test was Financial Accounting Framework.
Silly mistake =.=
Forget it!
I promise I will never repeat that mistake!

Btw, not feeling well these few days.
Headache, stomach ache and so much more.
Oh ya, and I need inspiration to continue blogging!

I'm so lazy to blogwalk x_X
Do visit my blog often :)
It is a motivation for me to continue blogging!

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