Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When problem arises, we see true friendship.

Well, I'm currently using a very old laptop :)
The one my uncle passed down to me a long long time ago.
Now my house have 2 laptops and 2 computers.
My keyboard for my computer is not working, so I am using this laptop :(

I know, I haven't been blogging lately.
This is due to lack of inspiration.
Don't know why.
Maybe because of my time management also.
Nowadays, I'm so tied up with college and studying and basically wasting time on Facebook, that I do not blog or even try to blog!
Many activities had passed, like Charity Run and all those stuffs but I just wasn't really into blogging about it.
I don't have the usual urge to blog anymore.
I have a feeling this might be a rather long and draggy post.
So, if by now you think I'm starting to crap, I advise you to stop reading and push the X button :)

Oh ya, my previous post was about the test in college right?
BEC, I got 34/40 :) I think it was a good attempt.
Fill in the blank questions totally murdered all of us!
An empty space between 2 words in a sentence could be filled in with so many different words that could make the sentence right and not wrong but yet wrong in the eyes of the marker if they were to mark according to the marking scheme!
YES! For example, the government will___________production for industry that creates positive externalities to the society. I answered "promote", some of my friends answered "encourage", but according to the answer scheme, it was actually "subsidize". Erm, you see? One way of promoting and encouraging is by giving subsidize. So, the range of filling in the blank is super duper incredibly HUGE!!!!
So, anyway, glad that the other 2 sections I got full mark. YAY, BANGGA! HAHA! It is kind of rare for me, an ordinary yet kinda dumb person to get full marks :) And on top of that, the tutor wrote a huge "WELL DONE" on the side of the full mark :) Wee~

So far, 3 tests had passed. BEC, FAF and FM. Still waiting for FAF's result and had FM on Tuesday. It wasn't that tough but erm, friends and I compared answer and quite a number of different answer. Hmm...what does that signify? I have no idea. Let's just all wait and see :)
Will be having Management Accounting paper on Friday. Life sucks when you have a test every 3 days apart =.= Had it on Tuesday, then coming Friday and next Tuesday AGAIN!
Like, wth larhhhh~ I need a break!
Moreover, I completely don't understand what am I learning in FAF =.=
Lecture is all about theory and when it comes to tutorial questions, it is all calculation.
I have a huge problem! I do not even know how to start doing my tutorial questions! I don't know which account to open first!
Gosh, I have a feeling that history is repeating itself!
By saying history, I mean last sem!
I nearly fail my accounting test! SHARKS!!!
Sigh. Lets stay positive, I still have time :)

Oh gosh, you see, from the start until now, I'm still talking about college =.=
Now my life is all about college only xD

The other day I was presenting a tutorial answer is one of my tutorial class.
Then the tutor asked many questions.
You know, when you are presenting in front, your nerves sometimes conquers your thinking ability right? That totally sucks!
So when she was asking questions, my brain was somehow malfunctioning.
And I was kind of helpless. Sigh.
I was kind of sad that none of my group members were there to lend a helping hand :(
You know, as a tutorial group, I expect my classmates to help me, but none came to the rescue.
When they knew the answer, instead of whispering it to me and let me earn the mark, they would rather tell it out loud and let the marks fly away.
I mean, indirectly humiliating me.
Why did I say humiliate?
Tutor ask a question, I don't know how to answer, someone else that knows the answer shouts it out loud like it was so blardy simple, tutor is happy about the person that shouts and looks down at the presenter. Get?
And when I was blur-ing and trying to find the answer, I see some of my classmates just sitting there and not helping.
Well, I guess not everyone is helpful. When you're in need of help, people tend to ignore and run away :)
That's human behaviour I guess.
Still considering of changing environment :)
As in changing tutorial group.

Oh, forget about college!!! ARGH!
Hmm, I should prepare for my upcoming test.


papermeh said...

u think too much...

waalllaa! said...

just think positive to what had happened to you,, hopefully things will be better after this.. good luck in ur test!! don't think too much ok..I know u can do it!