Sunday, October 23, 2011

A short one.

Update update!
It has been a week!
I have reached the minimum weight of a donor :)
Ngam ngam!
But, there was slight problem concerning the process of donation.
So, let me tell you a story..
Weight checked, blood checked, blood pressure checked, details taken, blood bag taken and seated.
Waited for 30 bloody minutes to be served a.k.a for the nurse to poke the needle into our BLOODY veins! YES, bloody is not a bad word here cause, duhh, obviously our veins are bloody, if not we couldn't have donated any blood =x
Opps, forgot to mention, I went with Yang Fung. 
That's why I said our @.@
Anyway, so yea, after the bloody 30 minutes, the nurse came and inserted the needle right between the bending part of my hand =.= 
YOU KNOW, the part where you bend your hand!!
And because the needle was in between the bending part, I can't bend my hand, and it was freaking painful!
Okay, don't bend, easy peasy!
Just let it be.
Then, the nurse came to me regularly to check on the blood flow.
Then suddenly she tighten the pressure thingy and walked away.
And as usual, I need to pump the blood.
And as I pump, my hand started becoming numb and slowly turns WHITE IN COLOUR!!
I can't even feel my hand and my hand was in white!
It was nearly paralysed =.=
So I SOS-ed to the nurse and she came to the rescue =.=
And then I told her I couldn't feel my hand!
Guess what she replied!
She released the pressure thingy, immediately my hand turned red!!
I was kind of impressed actually =x
And she said, "Darah kamu lambat sangat, pening kepala saya!".
After finish donating 350ml of blood, another nurse came to take 3 test tubes of blood from me.
Erm, again she complained, cause my bloodflow was really slow.
She said, "Haih, kamu nih, darah mengalir setitik-setitik, lama nak tunggu!"
LOL. Too bad :D
After that we had class, so we rushed.
Upon reaching the staircase to class, I nearly fainted =.=
I don't know why.
Second time and this time also nearly faint.
So, I was helped by my friends to go up the stairs.
Haha, first time feeling cared by college friends xD
Then they forced me to eat muffin @.@
I was actually very full @.@
After that I got back my energy.
Yea, thanks to them :)

Great experience! :D

Gosh, my blog post kind of suckish already x_X
Will post with better English and concentration when I have time next time :)
Till then!


Hani Shaklee said...

hi dear..lama tak dtg comment at blog u.. hihi.. first time derma darah is always like dat..lagi2 kalau dapat nurse yang agak kurang ajar.. my friend citer, dia pernah derma darah, n nurse tu main cucuk je jarum sebab darah dia tak keluar.. lepas tangan kiri, dia cucuk kat tangan kanan plak..lepas tu dengan geram dia jerit kat nurse tu.."oiii..sakit la tau tak..main cucuk je!!!" semua org tergamam..nurse tu pun da start wat keje dengan betul..hehe.. actually lepas derma darah u kena duduk n rest dulu..kalau nak jalan kena perlahan2.. saya pernah derma darah for 7times.. tapi sekarang ni kena stop sbb blood pressure saya menurun...glucose dalam darah pun menurun.. I selalu rasa nak pengsan.. even though tak derma darah pun.. anyway, nice experience kan dapat derma darah? ok take care dear..

``Felicia Kok. said...

This is my 3rd time dah. First time x rasa nak pengsan pun, but 2nd and 3rd tah kenapa nak pengsan. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

cuz u didn't drink water!

Adam said...

Yea, it's because you didn't drink enough water before the blood donation.

Serena said...

Yep! Must be the lack of water in you, try to drink more water next time ^^

Hani Shaklee said...

oo..i thought this is the first time u donate.. later wait more than 3months baru donate..when u feel that u really i a good health and good condition and environment to donate.. need to drink water and rest before and after the donation..

Anonymous said...

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