Saturday, October 08, 2011

Girls' stuff!


Recently, I'm addicted to online shopping!

YES. It is convenient, reliable and saves time!
Let me list down my recommendations of online shops that can be trusted.

First of all, the most affordable shop you can find on the internet!
What do they sell?
They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and many more.
Take a look, you won't regret it!
I've bought a couple of stuffs there.
Bought rings, earrings and necklaces.
What is so special about this shop is...
Browse through and you will find some products that are worth RM0.
Hmm, what's wrong with it you ask?
Just make an order, list down all the free items that you would like to get and they will select which to give it to you randomly :)
Rings are hard to buy cause some doesn't fit your fingers but not to worry, some are adjustable :)
Besides that, the seller is VERY VERY friendly and can be trusted!
Moreover, the postage fees for West Malaysia is RM6 FLAT RATE!!
For East Malaysia is RM9 FLAT RATE TOO!!
Orders above RM70, FREE POSTAGE!!!!
You see, there's so many free things about this shop!
That why I like it! :)

Besides 530pm which I've mentioned above. 
I've shopped at a few more websites.
Let's see....
They sell bags, t-shirts, dress and many more.
Have a look.
Usually when I visit their website, I would straight jump to something affordable for my age which is the RM1-RM20 products!
I recently bought a purse for RM10.
I made the order today, paid tomorrow and the next day, the purse reached my house!
Isn't that amazing?!
And and and and, they too have flat rates for postage fees!
If you're a KL, Selangor, Perlis, Penang or Kedah person, YOU ARE FREAKING LUCKY LIKE ME!!
RM4!! Cheapest in town!
And it is freaking fast!

One last recommendation.
They sell clothes and shoes :)
Bought once from there.
The seller is also a very nice person :)
Oh, this one I did not pay postage fees because I had COD service :)
Basically met the seller's sister on LRT and got my goods.
The quality is not bad. Well, better than Sg. Wang I can say!
And their products are pretty reasonable.
You can view my review which I did the other day.
Mixed emotions. IGNORE THE TITLE :D
So, now they have new products which is t-shirts :)
They are selling them for RM15 per piece.
Check it out HERE.

So, that's all of my recommendation :)
Stay tune for more affordable and good stuff!

ALWAYS REMEMBER that EXPENSIVE doesn't mean it is GOOD. CHEAP doesn't mean it is BAD.

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